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Cataract surgery can now be performed with a femtosecond laser.  The LenSx ® femtosecond laser adds precision of “laser” to most parts of cataract.

Laser Improves Cataract Surgery

Thanks to advances in laser technology we are able to refine cataract surgery by using a femtosecond laser to complete some of the most difficult parts of cataract eye surgery.  These delicate steps include;  the incision, capsulectomy and removing the cataract in smaller more manageable pieces.

The incision can now be more predictable allowing faster and smoother healing, causing less post-opertive vision changes such as astigmatism.  The capsulectomy involves the creation of a perfect circle in the front layer of the cataract (imagine the cataract is like an M & M – the capsulectomy is the process of cutting a perfect circle in the front shell of candy coating!).  Perfect capsulectomies allow for a more stable operation and prevent complications from occurring.

The laser also fragments your cataract into smaller pieces, allowing faster and easier removal from your eye.  This can translate to faster visual recovery from your surgery.

LenSx ® Reduces Astigmatism

For patients with astigmatism, the laser also is able to reduce or eliminate astigmatism with relaxing incisions, thereby improving the visual outcome without the need for glasses.

Laser cataract surgery with the femtosecond laser allows faster and safer cataract surgery.  We are proud to offer this enhanced method of cataract surgery.  The accuracy of “laser” also allows a more predictable outcome and can enhance the advantages of the “premium” IOLs such as:  Restor, Crystalens and, especially, toric implants.

When you clicked on this link, a video demonstrating the use of the laser downloaded to your computer. Viewing this video will demonstrate what the laser does.