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Oct 19


In the eye, the natural crystalline lens focuses light rays on the retina to produce an image. At birth, the lens is clear. With time, the lens starts to get cloudy and obstruct light. This cloudy lens is known as a cataract and can diminish vision. Fortunately, cataract treatments and surgery are available at our offices in Tinton Falls, NJ to restore clear vision. By replacing the natural lens with an intraocular lens during cataract surgery, patients can reduce or eliminate their need for glasses or contacts following the procedure.

Types of Cataracts

  • Nuclear Sclerotic Cataract – This is the most common type of cataract that occurs with aging. The natural lens becomes more dense and brownish in coloration.
  • Posterior Sub Capsular Cataract (PSC) – This type of cataract may occur earlier in life than nuclear sclerosis. It is a plaque on the back surface of the lens. Patients with diabetes, radiation treatment, and trauma are more prone to develop this type of cataract.
  • Cortical Cataract – Gray or white clefts develop in the lens.
  • Combined Form – Many cataracts are a combination of the types of cataracts listed above.

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